ABF classes are a place you can connect with the FCC family and dig deeper into God's word. Classes are held in the ABF area which is located on the east side of the building.

8AM  - 1ST PETER  (led by Frank Jeans)   
1st Peter was written to displaced Christians dealing with persecution caused by Nero, a very evil, dangerous ruler.  My mind is drawn to brothers and sisters in Christ who faced persecution that we can only imagine.  This letter offers encouragement and instruction to these folks and to remind them, and all of us, that we serve and all-powerful God who provides grace for living in difficult circumstances and reminds us that we need to help each other through whatever is being faced.  For those of us in the United States this might very well be different than what Christians are facing in the Middle East or parts of Africa or other areas of the world.  We have missionaries living and working in some of these areas, so we need to pray for them and encourage them in whatever way we can.   At the same time we need to encourage each other as we face our own problems. Join us and discover what the Apostle Peter had to say to them and us.

9AM - COLD CASE CHRISTIANITY (led by Rusty Saunders)
Christianity could be defined as a "cold case." It makes a claim about an event from the distant past for which there is little forensic evidence. In Cold Case Christianity, J. Warner Wallace uses his nationally recognized skills as a homicide detective to look at the evidence and eyewitnesses behind Christian beliefs. Including gripping stories from his career and the visual techniques he developed in the courtroom, Wallace uses illustration to examine the powerful evidence that validates the claims of Christianity.
A unique apologetic that speaks to readers' intense interest in detective stories, Cold Case Christianity inspires readers to have confidence in Christ as it prepares them to articulate the case for Christianity