As an independent Christian church, we tend to stay away from creeds. 
However, we know it can be helpful at times to have doctrine summarized…

We Believe…
in the deity of God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the personal Holy Spirit, and that they make up the Godhead – three in one.

that the Bible is the inspired revelation of God. It is what we teach, preach and govern our congregation and personal lives by.

in the truth of the virgin birth of Jesus, His literal resurrection and His imminent return.

Often people have questions regarding baptism. That is understandable since it is the most visible, and often most public, part of a person’s response of faith to God’s grace. Also, there are differences between church groups as to how to baptize and when and why. We hope the following short study will answer your questions about our teaching and practice at FCC. 

FCC is a non-denominational independent congregation. We do not call ourselves a denomination because we believe that their is one body. We don't claim to be the only Christians but desire to be Christians only. Through Life Groups, Worship, Evangelism, and Serving those in need, FCC is dedicated to being a light to Washington and the surrounding communities.