Our Beliefs

 1. that God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the personal Holy Spirit make up the Godhead – three in one.

2. that the Bible is the inspired revelation of God. It is what we teach, preach and govern our congregation and personal lives by.

3. in the truth of the virgin birth of Jesus, His literal resurrection and His imminent return.

4. that God created all that there is out of nothing, and mankind was created in His image.

5. that every person has worth as a creation of God in His image.

6. that all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God.

7. that forgiveness of sins and the promise of eternal life are available to all through Jesus Christ.

8. that those accepting Jesus should repent of sin, confess their faith in Him and be baptized (immersed) for the forgiveness of sins. Click here for more details on baptism.

9. that we are saved by grace through faith. We cannot earn our salvation, it is a gift. However, we must be willing to receive it by faith.

10. that we are not the only Christians, but we do desire to be Christians only. We believe that Christians should find unity based upon God’s word, and that God’s word should not be compromised for the sake of unity.

11. that heaven and hell are real and everlasting and will be the places of eternal reward and punishment, respectively, based upon one’s relationship with Jesus.

12 that nothing can snatch a Christian from God’s hand once he is saved. However, a Christian can choose to turn away from Jesus and forfeit his salvation.

13. that the Church exists to fulfill the Great Commission as given in Scripture.

14. that every human life is meaningful and is created in the image of God himself. 

15. that all situations and human conditions found in the world should be seen through the lens of a Biblical worldview, recognizing the Bible as the source for our understanding and defining the issues of life.

16. that marriage was instituted by God and is defined by Scriptures as between one man and one woman.